4 Games Square Enix Should Be Working On Instead of Final Fantasy XIII-3

PlayStation Euphoria: Square Enix has received a lot of flak for the Final Fantasy XIII series from fans and critics alike. There is no actual battle system in place as the game chooses which moves to use for you. Plus, the story in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is confusing and horribly concluded. Despite these issues, Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of Final Fantasy XIII, told Famitsu that there will be a continuation of the series and a title announced for this project during Final Fantasy’s 25th Anniversary Event at Shibuya . This does not bode well with me so here are “4 Games Square Enix Should Be Working On Instead of Final Fantasy XIII-3.”

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Relientk773887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I agree with the list, those 4 and FF XV

Lovable3887d ago

Too early for FF XV...they still need to fix the broken FF 14 and release Versus...and also of course, don't forget that they will also remake *AGAIN* FF 4 for the 11th time...

SnotyTheRocket3887d ago

Broken? Have you played XIV recently? Do some research, don't rely on 2 year old information/reviews.

joab7773887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

They r already fixing the mmo with 300 people. And I would rather that they begin anew with FF XV. Think about the marketing for a XV. Ask us what we want. Looks at dragons dogma and other recent rpgs. It cannot b as hard as they r making it seem. The combat is awesome. Create a huge world that is open or semi-open, like FF 13 was after u beat it. Create different areas u can get to with some type of travel system. Have lots of cool loot and an endgame. Implement some type of unique multiplayer like DD or demon souls, in which u can trade with gamers or get their help somehow.

There's so much cool $h/+ that u could do to move it forward...they should b on the cutting edge. Maybe link it to the new reborn mmo in some way to increase replayability. C'mon guys, think outside the box and give us something fresh. Screw FF13-3, get on that luminous engine, craft an epic story, and release a dynamite RPG at launch on the new next Gen systems. They are 1 game away from being back at the top.

Oh, and chrono trigger 3, I think, would b awesome. But I think it's beat to start fresh. Kill versus and put 500 ppl on FFXV. It's tarnished.

iamtehpwn3887d ago

At this point if Versus XIII doesn't become FFXV and/or if FFXV hasn't been in development this whole time, then they'd might as well wait until next gen for FFXV.

TiberusX873887d ago

I find infuriating that the fans don't seem to acknowledge that there are more than one core development team (& various Directors).

X-2, XIII, XIII-2 and now most likely XIII-3 were all directed and developed by Motomu Toriyama and his Team. They are completely separate from Ito's team who are rumored to be 4+ years into developing XV and again from Nomura's team who are working on Versus XIII, which is the reason why there has been no Kingdom Hearts III.

This article is just looking for hits and to stir up the fans. Nothing more.

chrispen93887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I am NOT LOOKING FOR HITS! Whenever I state my opinion, people always say I'm looking for hits. I'm not. I know there is more than one team in Square Enix but the Final Fantasy XIII team can work on something other than Final Fantasy XIII-3. Developers usually relocate amongst their development studios such as 2K with BioShock and it's one of the highest rated games of this generation. I want Square Enix to use their manpower towards something else. That is why I wrote this article. Oh and by the way, I AM a fan. That is the reason why I'm stating my opinion on it and sharing it to the masses. I am not trying to stir up anyone.

TiberusX873887d ago


I understand where you are coming from mate, and my comment was not meant as a personal attack against yourself. There are already teams dedicated to both XV & vs. XIII and it is because of Versus that we are yet to hear anything on KH3.

I would prefer for Toriyama to utilize the resources he already has and complete the lightening saga than start a new project that would take years. XIII-2 was a major improvement and given the turn around time on XIII-3 it's better they complete it and then find a new creative lead for next-gen. The old VII, VIII & X team needs a new director and leadership.

If you see a recent article posted on N4G, there are currently 300+ staff dedicated to the FFXIV: Realm Reborn project. If anything, that is a far more dire task than redeeming XIII.

I would also like to say you have an interesting point about Nier, so kudos for that.

HarryMasonHerpderp3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Nier was a great game, I was disappointed that they changed the protagonist to an old man with a weird face for the western version but apart from that it was a really great game, I wouldn't say no to a sequel.

Wonder what happened to FFX HD anyways? seems to of been pushed off the radar.

Square need to get their act together they've disgruntled a lot of their fans this gen me being one of them and it's only going to have a negative impact on them next gen. People used to buy Final Fantasy on day one because they knew it would be a great game, but now...I'm not so sure.

Since we still have no news on Versus XIII here's to hoping FF15 gets the franchise back on track whenever it get's released.

poolsharky273886d ago

Nier wasnt made by SE(only published), and the creating company has been disbanded(Cavia). So dont expect that.

I've been wondering a while what happened to FFX-HD, seems it might have been swept under the rug.

Which is disappointing, I've been trying to hold out until the HD version to replay it again, and I really want to replay it again.

I know if I decided to replay the PS2 version, HD would be released right after I finished, and I wont want to play it again lol.

DrRobotnik3887d ago

I have a feeling all those titles won't be released till next-gen. Remember when Square showed off the tech demo during E3 this year. I think it was a hint. FF XIII part III will probably be the last FF this gen.

tigertron3887d ago

1. Versus XIII
2. Versus XIII
3. Versus XIII
4. Versus XIII

Even though after all this time it'll probably be a dissapointment. *sigh*

colonel1793887d ago

I agree. They should be working only on Versus XIII since it was announced 6 years ago! Come one! get it out first then work on something else...

I don't think it will be a disappointment. What they have showed is proof that the game will be good. (at least the gameplay). Hopefully the story doesn't come out like Final Fantasy XIII or XIII-2 (boring, confusing, uninteresting, weird).

Jreca3887d ago

My bets now are on FF15, KH3, Versus 13, FF10HD and FF13-3-or-something NOT for PS360. Square Enix is big enough to handle that and more, like FF14.

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