'Twisted Metal' reboot not a hit or a miss for Sony says game director

During the early days of the Playstation and Playstation 2, one of the games that helped sell the systems was "Twisted Metal". The game focused on vehicular mayhem, giving players a good taste of the directions video games were heading.

Over the years people wanted a new "Twisted Metal" game, and fans finally got the first game in four years with the reboot simple titled, "Twist Metal". At last year's E3 press conference (which is where the picture above comes from), a lot of fuss was made by Sony and by the game's developers, Eat Sleep Play, about the reboot. Unfortunately, the hype machine wasn't enough for "Twisted Metal".

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Ben_Grimm2321d ago

Shame, this is the reason that sales do matter.

2321d ago
Persistantthug2321d ago

By Eat Sleep Sony, and possibly by Jaffe himself.

Launching half made single player, and broken online games is never acceptable.
Launching this for a legacy franchise like Twisted Metal makes it doubly worse.

Of course I'm sure there are people that will disagree with me. I mean, why wouldn't they when they enjoy broken online games with half made single player modes.

DirtyLary2314d ago Socom4... rest in peace.

Megaton2321d ago

I wouldn't have even known it had been released when it was if it weren't for N4G user MD playing it all the time. Sony didn't even have an ad campaign for it. Sabotaged their own game.

2321d ago
_LarZen_2321d ago

That game was crap, nothing more needed to say realy.

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The story is too old to be commented.