Capcom Wants to Make Accessible Fighting Games


The world of fighting games can be a harsh place sometimes. Between a fierce competitive scene, constant updates and re-releases of full-priced games, and the occasional bout of sexist trash-talk, the intense, chaotic, and engaging world of fighters is not the easiest genre for a newbie. In fact, even just learning the ropes can be tough, as one Capcom fan pointed out on the official forums recently.

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DrRobotnik2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

We here at CAPCOM conglomerate have come to the realization that our games are just a tad bit too hard for the common folk. So we here at CAPCOM would like to introduce the new Button-mash controller for only $100. Future DLC updates for compatibility with current games will be $20.Enjoy


ScytheX32322d ago

lol, ditch the 2 button lay out and add 1 button, put turbo on and with added simple mode and all set, youll be a rank in no time =)

DrRobotnik2322d ago

That can be done sir, but it will cost you an extra $25 along with a blood sample.


RmanX10002322d ago

A controller is way to difficult. Could you patch in Kinect and Move compatibility?

DrRobotnik2322d ago

That too can be done sir, an added payment of only $4.99 and your first born as a security deposit will be required.


LOGICWINS2322d ago

Sounds like a good idea. SSF4's learning curve was WAAAY steep for newcomers. The hardcore players(some being the elitists that they are) have no problem with this...but they don't realize that you MUST appeal to different audiences if you want your fighting game to sell. Every fighting game should be like Mortal Kombat/EA MMA IMO. Easy to get into, but challenging to master.

hkgamer2322d ago

this sounds like they want to make a ssb clone. i dont think this is a good idea...

Cajun Chicken2322d ago

Make a new Powerstone then.

Drainage2322d ago

so next gen, the fighting genre gets burned to the ground. shame, its already happened to FPS games this gen

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The story is too old to be commented.