Patent Law Could Destroy Gaming - It’s hard to read any tech site these days without seeing constant stories about patent lawsuits. The mobile phone industry seems to be the main focus at the moment, with a massive trial between Apple and Samsung currently in progress. Apple claims that Samsung stole design ideas and software elements while producing their Galaxy line of phones, and Samsung claims that these ideas were around long before Apple popularized them. I’m not here to debate which company is right in this situation, but reading some of the specifics makes me wonder how the video game industry would fare if developers started suing each other in this manner.

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triverse2362d ago

There are precedents in place for the gaming side of things- both good and bad:

Atari successfully sued and got Magnavox to take K.C. Munchkin off store shelves for being too similar to Pac-Man:

Yet, Atari failed at getting Meteors taken out of consumer consumption:

Capcom also sued Data East for their Fighter's History infringements and lost on that one:

The Sega vs. Fox lawsuit is nothing new, it has been going on since the beginning of gaming.