The Mysterious Ada Wong Gets a Not-so-secret Campaign in 'Resident Evil 6'

Charles Webb:

Anti-heroine? Villainess? Who knows, but she's getting her own secret campaign in Resident Evil 6 after you've completed the game.

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user54670072269d ago

Remember when Seperate Ways WAS a secret in RE4...

I feel like Capcom are giving us way too much info on the game, they may aswell show off the rest of the game now.

jc485732269d ago

better than showing us later. If they did, then there's a possibility they will release it as dlc.

crxss2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

if they're revealing Ada in the campaign (which is expected, therefore not a surprise since we got her in RE4 Separate Ways which the article forgets to mention) then i'm sure Capcom has actual secrets in store for us, may be campaign related or not.

anyways i love me some ada wong.

StanSmith2269d ago

So we're getting 4 campaigns in one game?

What's the catch Capcom? I'm beginning to doubt Capcom's claimed gameplay length of these now.