‘Darksiders II’ rewards players with ‘Darksiders’ save data with legendary items

Examiner: On Wednesday afternoon, Vigil Games and THQ announced that they will be offering a reward to their loyal fans that have supported them since the beginning of “Darksiders” by offering two in-game unlocks within “Darksiders II”

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Hellsvacancy2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Platinum trophy owners (like me) should get a little extra

Thinking aboot it though, id probably play my first playthrough with the added stuff, i dont need help

AgreeFairy2294d ago

Why go by sava data instead of trophy/achievement data? Saves are easily lost when you have to buy a new console or w/e and not all saves can be backed up (unless you pay to back them up now).

Canvas Of Flesh2294d ago

Christ, what is so hard about reading the flipping article? It clearly states in the article that it's based on trophies/achievements.

mamotte2294d ago

You are asking for reading an article on N4G. Wrong place.

darklingz2294d ago

Thay sux I lost my save file to the yellow light of death but have the platinum for the game

Skate-AK2294d ago

It reads your trophies for the items not your saved data.

Adexus2294d ago

What about the PC version?

falcon2622294d ago

--Those who have (played) “Darksiders” will unlock the Pauldron of the Hoursemen in “Darksiders II”. This is a level 5 legendary armor piece that boosts all of Death’s stats as well as his critical damage.
--Gamers who completed “(Darksiders)” on any difficulty will also earn a level 1 legendary scythe called the Chaos Fang which will boost Death’s damage and critical damage.
***On my way to purchase the first one again!***

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