Help Come Up With a New DualShock 3 Design

Posted by Richard Ho // Associate Product Marketing Manager -

Having spent countless hours gaming with the DualShock 3 controller, many of you can attest that it’s the controller of choice for gamers around the world. We’ve heard many of your requests for new DualShock 3 colors, and over the years we have introduced several new ones, from Metallic Blue to Urban Camo.

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Snookies122269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Yeah, the PS2/PS3 controller has always been my favorite... Though honestly, the Gamecube's came REALLY close, if only the directional pad on it didn't suck so horribly lol.

daggertoes832269d ago

Amen to that. Xbox controller makes my hands sweat after like five minutes.

PoSTedUP2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

the 360 controller is comfortable i just dont like how it's not symmetrical, also the buttons aren't analogue (pressure sensitive). and the Dpad sucks for fighting games. with the analogue sticks being convex i just cant get precision and control around the edges, a gamers thumbs do not stay in the middle of the joysticks it need to move around it freely.

my fav controller was the madcatz PS2 controller with the fans to keep your hands cool and from getting sweaty. i still game with it.

i hate the triggers on the PS3 controller my fingers couldn't rest nicely on them, it defiantly needed the snap on trigger grips that you buy, they made it so comfortable, pretty much as comfortable if not more comfortable than the 360 controller.

JellyJelly2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

"with the analogue sticks being convex i just cant get precision and control around the edges, a gamers thumbs do not stay in the middle of the joysticks it need to move around it freely."

From my experience the concave analogue sticks are what gives me better control and precision. It keeps my thumbs in place and avoids them from slipping off the sticks.

crxss2269d ago

dear sony: the triggers, that's the most important thing that needs to change (360 has the best triggers so far). those "clip-op" triggers aren't even that great and wont do, heck even the dreamcast has better triggers. also if you they can make them pressure sensitive like the Gamecube's triggers are and the rest of the DS3 buttons are then that'd be even better. if the DS3's triggers are already pressure sensitive then great, i hardly use them that way so i can't even tell.

slight increase in size (especially the handles) and concave analogs come second and third respectively.

Snookies122269d ago

Sorry to disagree, I know everyone has their own opinions, but the 360 controller's triggers cramp the hell out of my hand. That Castle Crashers minigame called Quashing... I played that once having to repeatedly tap the triggers as fast as I could and my hand was killing me all day. :\

Though I do agree the PS3's triggers aren't that great either, I think a middle ground needs to be found for the best experience personally.

ginsunuva2269d ago

R2 and L2 could get a fix to stop the squishiness. But I love shooting with R1 and L1 because you don't have to wait for the trigger to be pushed in before the game reacts. R1 is a simple tap.

ScubbaSteve2269d ago

I hope the next generation of consoles implement a push to talk button somewhere on the new controllers because listening to what other players have going on in the background is annoying. Online gaming is becoming more and more popular and I don't need to listen to any more people forget to take their headset off before they go to the bathroom.

As for controller design they should offer a variety of controller design options and not limit it to the standard one. Third parties seem to fill this niche offering controllers for the ps3/360 on their opposing consoles, but it is not always a quality production. Not everyone has the same sized grip and it'd be nice to see more options and let people decide which they like best.

SJPFTW2269d ago

Its called "mute" noob. It takes like 2 button presses in game LOLOL

WildArmed2269d ago

Only thing they need to do is make the triggers like this:

I have the triggers attached on my ps3 atm. Love them, and it's hard to go back to the 'sliding' L2/R2

JussBlazn2269d ago

agreed, change triggers and it's golden.

Indigon2269d ago

Have them too, even glued them onto my DS.

Crazyglues2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Yeah I agree the triggers need to change it's the only flaw....

-but if we are designing a new one shouldn't we give it everything we have been missing from a controller - all the things you really want..

-1. Better Battery indicator -(how much life is really left? 10%, 20%) can I finish this game?

-2. Better Triggers - yeah like what you posted. -Skv007

-3. Far Better Battery Life

-4. non sweat surface -(more like the Camouflage PS3 controller - )- <<- this is what I use for battlefield 3 and it's awesome with the bullet buttons..

-5. And can you make some different sizes - Not everyone has small hands or likes a small controller- why not a wide and a normal. A wide that looks the same but is just a little bigger and wider.

I could design a really amazing new controller, But what I find really LAME is this is Really stupid for two reasons...

1. you don't get shit for making an awesome controller -Not a new PS4 when it comes out, not some games as a prize, not even the dam controller you made... you still got to go buy it..

Why don't I just design and make it myself and sell it like all the other 3rd party controllers?

The Article says, "How cool would it be if you saw a new DualShock 3 that was inspired by you at your local game store?"

-No that would be really LAME! why, because I don't get no money from making that.. you just get to steal my idea and make millions off it, while I get to go to the store and buy the controller I helped designed.

2. and two, Since when does Sony ever listen to anything consumers want...? - Cross-game Chat has been the number one requested feature since PS3 came out 6 years ago.. I'm just saying

- I guess there still working on it *_*

I don't want to sound like I'm knocking Sony but this just seems really Lame. - It's clear Sony has no idea what to make the new controller look like,
the -BOOMERANG!! controller design already proves that..

Let's face it, that thing was stupid.

So why not give something to the person who helps you nail it, why not give them a new PS4 with 75 inch LED - or OLED to play that PS4 on... Some kind of Prize...

Maybe one of the controllers they helped inspired? Something...


WildArmed2269d ago

Hah, after going to the Playstation Blog Share section, it's clear Sony just does w/e it wants.

They top 'wanted' things aren't even done, and probably aren't going to be done.

I doubt we'll see anything more than just more "skins". That's probably all they had in mind, no real design changes.

skrug2269d ago

This is just for the aesthetics, not redesigning the shape of the controller or anything like that.

i.e. ICO themed, MGS themed, Loco roco themed, Gundam themed controller etc

Ben_Grimm2269d ago

The Ps3 controller is good, but they need to change the shoulder buttons. And make it a tad bit bigger, for my big hands.

Gridloc2269d ago

Make it about 20% bigger, but keep making the original for smaller hands.

ChunkyLover532269d ago

Go back to the way the buttons were on the PS2 controller, the triggers are just terrible.

DarkBlood2269d ago

but its a flat r2 l1 though?

Summons752269d ago

it dosen't a new design. Only thing that has always bugged me is the L2/R2 curving downwards, they should curve up like the 360 controller, but it's not like that ruins my gaming experience

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