Top 7 games to acknowledge the rap genre

The hip-hop and rap scene are not exactly strangers to the world of video games, but it’s really quite curious how few times the two have combined aside from menu music in sports games. Whether it be part of the gameplay, part of the story, or both, hip-hop and rap have had some notable appearances in video games. We know Jay-Z had some input on the aesthetics and fully populated the soundtrack, but some games went further to honor or show some love to the genre.

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Batmau52271d ago

Oh man, I miss the Def Jam games. Especially the early PS2 fighters.

StanleyK882271d ago

I never even knew about that Wu-Tang Clan game... must not have sold well?

Tonester9252271d ago

Def Jam Fight for New York is still the best fighting game I've ever played in my life!

Great storyline
Great characters
Great movesets
Great controls
Great stages
No DLC needed

Yi-Long2271d ago

... such great moves, fine gameplay, great career-mode, LOTS of characters, all with different moves, etc etc.

It was absolutely awesome. Lots and lots of FUN.

Tonester9252271d ago

I said that "I" played.

What's the best fighting game that you've played?

Yi-Long2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

... I just meant that for me personally, I wouldn't say it was the best fighting game I ever played.

I'm not sure which game IS my favourite fighting game. I think it would have to be SoulCalibur on the Dreamcast, cause that was just stunning at the time, and also had a great story-mode.

Dead or Alive 3 was pretty cool as well,

... and as far as graphics, roster, spectacular moves, and accessible gameplay goes (meaning I can have friends coming over and they can easily grasp the controls and offer a nice challenge and have fun), I also quite like the Naruto UNS games. Obviously not as deep as some other fighters out there, but a fun 'party-fighter'.

TekoIie2271d ago

.... Mario!!!!.................... /s Just in case ;)

black9112271d ago

Wheres marc ecko gettin up.

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