Moving Beyond Artificial Construction as Explored in the Professor Layton Series

"Blue, sunny skies are perfect weather conditions for puzzle-solving, so contends Hershel Layton, main protagonist of the Professor Layton series of games. Citing the need for a clear mind and a level head, such advice leads me to question why we often categorize the solving of puzzles as a rainy day activity. Nevertheless, it is that very sort of ahead-of-the-game thinking that quickly bore within me a desire to connect with this well-mannered character type from his first adventure in Curious Village." --

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Canary2360d ago

I was looking forward to an insightful, or at the very least intelligent discussion of the Professor Layton series. I found neither.

This article is -profoundly- poorly written.

My guess is that it was either written by a high school student suffering under the mistaken delusion that he or she has some talent with writing... or, perhaps more likely, someone for whom English is a second, third or fourth language.

tl;dr don't waste you're time, folks.