Six Exciting New Devil May Cry 4 Screenshots Today Capcom released six new screenshots for Devil May Cry 4. The game is coming this month to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Check out the screens to see if this is the game you need in February!

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Double-Edged4382d ago

thank God NG2 is comming out.
I did not enjoy DMC one bit. very lame.
the AI is ridiculously horrible.
The Demon boss in the demo was very easy and seemed LOST while in action. Rooms are too short. Beat 5 enemies and then move to the next room. No run Button??? still???

hmmmmmmm.... i give the game 6/10

Cusco4382d ago

You know it's a matter of preference, but DMC4 sure as hell does not deserve a 6/10, by any standards. Just by graphics, sound, and design alone it beats out your precious NG2 which looks like a lazy rehash of Sigma's graphical engine and gameplay engine for that matter. Now the ninja gaiden series is fantastic, however it lacks story, it lacks atmosphere (going from awesome ninja village to fighting tanks, gimme a break), and best of all Ryu has no personality what so ever. The only reason you'd want to play Gaiden is for difficulty and sheer enjoyment of the battle mechanics. Now having said that, DMC4s battle mechanics, maybe not as fluid, but definately more refined and fleshed out, it has a great story, its graphics blow away what we've seen from NG2, and it's very atmospheric with a persistent motif. Now you sir, should stop uttering nonsense and give DMC4 another chance.

Double-Edged4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

Atmoshpere? I've played the demo.. the rooms are small in DMC. The rooms were Big and Longer in NG2(look at the gameplay vids)

And the gameplay is pretty weak in DMC4. it has 5 enemies avg in a room.... that's very weak compared to NG2. again.. (play the demo and watch the vids)

Lazy rehash? you better check up on that because last time i saw. Blood & Gore are in NG2 with some very clean fluid action.
you said "Now having said that, DMC4s battle mechanics, maybe not as fluid, but definately more refined and fleshed out".....How many weapons does Ryu have... and how many does that demo have?? the combo system in DMC is REHASH... same mechanics....if you look at NG2... it's pure fatalities.

And in terms of graphics. you need to check your eyes becaus ethe only nice looking thing in DMC4 is the background.

Look. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings in anyway. But DMC4 is a wait game for the real action games like NG2, GOW3, blah blah blah.

DMC4 6/10

Peekay4382d ago

But in NG - you could only use one combat weapon at a time. I've never play DMC before this Demo and i've honestly fallen for it. I love the way you can switch between the guns, DevilArm, his sword, and revving.

The part were you use just one arm to throw Beril and then smack him in the face is just awesome. How many other video games allow you to do this? It's freaking smoking. Also the cut scene just before this fight was just classic!

DemiseofPandas4382d ago

The series may not be your cup of tea, but I feel this demo was aimed to help people believe that this game isn't as impossible as the rumors of DMC3 made the series seem. The battle system is pretty deep especially when most people don't know that with timed button presses that you can have neros sword charged for every attack. The game is obviously set on human mode (aka easiest setting) and just like gaiden these games offer a lot of replay value. I wonder if the demo had you playing as Dante it would have changed your mind, considering the system gets only deeper with on the fly weapons and style changes. You honestly should at least rent the game, and complete it before slamming it in front of NG. You may still end up liking NG more but this game at least deserves the benefit of a doubt.

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Alcaponeyou4382d ago

I'm going to buy this game the visuals are actually a lot better than the screen shots on the web (I have the PS3 version.)
I'm getting better at the Instant Revving now, the combos are fun to pull off :).

RAF-TECH4382d ago

i'll rent it for sure.

and if the game really sticks out..
i'll buy it.


RAF-TECH4382d ago

is whack.

Strife Lives4382d ago

i want. i want.08 js startd and already the awesome titles roll in ! i nd this. gta4. Last remnant. And sum other game like nw already

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