Trailer Rants : Why Master Chief Deserved To Be Punched In The Face

E3 was an exciting time for everyone in the gaming industry. Everyone eager to see what new games would fall upon us over Christmas and next year. Okay admittedly it was a little disappointing on certain fronts but one game which came out shining was of course Halo 4. With such a strong series behind it 343 Industries are continuing the epic saga to explore all new worlds.

The E3 game play trailer featured a lot of new content as well as some awesome game play footage, but I can honestly say that I believe that Master Chief deserved to be punched in the face during the final moments.

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Dread2296d ago


talk about a useless article.

I'll never get those two minutes back :(

dillydadally2295d ago

Hey, I loled. I especially liked the line about how Master Chief's normal tactics of jumping around while shooting at the same time instantly elevates him to the status of GODLIKE to all hostile alien races.

Taken for what it was - a humor piece with a sliver of truth - I thought it was an entertaining read and have no problems with it being on N4G.

cannonballgamereview2296d ago

I fucking hate halo with a passion, so yes him being smacked in the face is a welcome addition to my cognitive aura :D

KingOptimusOrigin1112296d ago

I would like to punch Master Chief in the face too.

Hivemind2296d ago

His manly aura would break your fingers before you even reached him.