Game Revolution - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review

GR writes: "Whenever I see an article or post about the delays on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, I shake my head and think about Kingdom Hearts. The director for both is Tetsuya Nomura. But he's not just the director for the first Kingdom Hearts, but he's also the director for all of them, including the handheld and mobile games. If we count both Kingdom Hearts Coded and Re:Coded as separate games, Nomura's directed five Kingdom Hearts games since FF Versus XIII was announced. It's not hard to do the math to see why maybe the other game has been a long time coming. There's also no reason to push it, since Kingdom Hearts isn't hurting Square Enix much at all."

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alexcosborn3574d ago

Looks great. Really wish I had a 3DS to play it!

insertcoin3574d ago

I'll be getting a 3DS XL later this month, so this is near the top of my list of games to get.