New Soul Sacrifice (VITA) info

Soul Sacrifice releases new information on stages, monsters and magic!

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Qrphe2320d ago

Wow , really digging the lore behind these mobs and weapons; it feels like a Souls game but it still manages to feel different.

It may just be the hype that I've created for myself, but I really wish every high fantasy RPG tried creating deep lore for every little detail in their games.

DivineAssault 2320d ago

i couldnt understand most of that $hit but it looks great.. I cant wait to play this

theunleashed642320d ago

the lore behind the current new stages/monsters is just awesome and well written. not your typical fantasy mumbo jumbo, their unique take on known mythology monsters is really great aswell.

GodHandDee2320d ago

One of the best looking games on the horizon

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