The Future Is Indie

See why Indie games are just as innovative as the blockbuster hits we are used to seeing !

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2272d ago
cannonballgamereview2272d ago

Ouya is the future non believer... no, I am not saying ouya is going to be the saviour, but I fucking hope so, If Ouya is untainted from publishers such as EA and Activision it will be great. As long as it remains uninterested in money it will be the best thing that ever happened to the industry. And I understand it isn't just indie games that are innovative, as I said Ubisoft is always at the forefront of Innovation within their games.

PirateThom2272d ago

If Ouya is popular, EA and Activision will jump on it.

It won't be popular though because, quite simply, wrapping tablet hardware in box that connects to a TV isn't going to revolutionise anything.

Also, Ubisoft? Ha.

cannonballgamereview2272d ago

Thank you, some appreciation from an open minded individual.

_Aarix_2272d ago

World of goo is probably the best indie game in my opinion.

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