The 10 Biggest PC Games of All Time


A weird thing has happened in PC gaming. After years of getting spoiled by dirt-cheap hard drives and virtually unlimited storage, disk space is suddenly at a premium again. It's not because hard drives have gotten more expensive (although they have, thanks to last year's floods in Thailand), it's because we've gotten spoiled by something different: SSDs. Solid state drives are crazy-fast, and we recommend one for any new PC gaming rig, but they're just not very big. Meanwhile, PC games are getting bigger and bigger, to the point that nowadays you're lucky if you can keep your operating system and 4 games on an affordable SSD. We've put together a list of the worst offenders - the 10 games that suck up more hard

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NastyLeftHook02270d ago

total war shogun 2 was amazing.

Emilio_Estevez2270d ago

Sure was...

I've never even heard of #1, should I have?

NastyLeftHook02270d ago

probably not. but whats a huge amount of memory.

sonicsidewinder2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it.

/generic post