Common Arguments: Final Fantasy XIII

With news of a new Final Fantasy XIII project, Nerds on the Rocks wanted to introduce a new feature called Common Arguments, which looks at common discussion points surrounding popular and not so popular games. The inaugural one focuses on Final Fantasy XIII, one of the gen's most divisive games.


Story is now back, and updated.

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TheMrFraz2273d ago

Brilliant feature idea. I like the question-answer setup.

VanillaBear2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Horrible seems like you are trying way too hard to defend FF13. Some things you use to counter arguments are terrible.

FF13 was a bad Final Fantasy game, it was and always will be. The argument against it are just to much to try and defend it.

Oh not to mention immature crap aswell like

"SHUT THE F*CK UP. Any ass-wad that decides to bitch and moan about how linear this game needs to take a LONG, HARD LOOK at FINAL FANTASY X."


"Get over it you stupid fan-boy."

Wow...really professional /s

Yes keep mentioning FF10 but at least FF10 was a better FF game then FF13 could ever be. No one minded the some of the changes because it was still a FF at heart, had a great story and some good characters.
We shouldn't be trying to defend Square f*ck up or supporting more games about FF13s universe.

We should be moving on now and just remember this as the worst FF game in the franchise as it should be.

FF15 or FF Versus please...and this time DON'T mess up Square

Irishguy952273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

People need to stop comparing FFX linearity with FFXIII. Anyone who tries to use that as a defense does not know the true problem with FFXIII's and the word linear.

Can anyone take a guess? What could you do in FFX that you couldn't do in FFXIII?

Towns, Temples, Blitzball. You got time away from battles. You have other things to do, 'rest times' etc. FFXIII? Straight forward for the whole game, besides one 40 seconds scene of Hope on a big robot, and chasing a dumb chocobo around a little theme park(Pathetic Mini game) wow that moment sucked so bad. Other than that you literally jog to the next fight, but don't despair, you can see all the battles ahead of you...all 10 meters apart from each other in a long straight line

Lovable2273d ago

I think you're the one who don't know the word "linear"...FF X is as linear as FF 13. What you listed are called "distractions", but that doesn't made the game any less linear. You're still going in a pre determined path...

Irishguy952273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Yes lovable, but no one really cares about the straight path, they think they do. But really they care about how repetitive repeating the exact same thing for hours on end is. That's really the fault of it, people might like turn based RPG's like this..but there is only so much you can handle before the battles start being annoying, this is why minigames and towns are so important in FF franchise. This game, it does not require walking, walking is there for literally only one purpose. Get to the next battle.

There was so much space for "hat there should have on-rail flying/shooter segments in FF13. " anything at all like this, FF7 had this at LOTS of parts, where they just add a new little gameplay mechanic, Submarine, Chocobo mountain, using a map and landmarks to find out where you're going in the snow etc(I could go on, there is literally lots). FFXiii would've imporved just to change up the pace of ther game, to give you something new. They tried...twice, and gave you the worst minigames in FF/

Lovable2273d ago

Well said. I do agree with what you just stated.

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Godmars2902273d ago

My main modern complaint is that things done in cutscenes aren't represented in-game.

Where the scene showing Cloud getting on a bike lead to a road battle mini-game in FF7, Yuna could only summon and use a summons during one special scene in FF10.

And really, nevermind all the BS indications that there should have on-rail flying/shooter segments in FF13.

Elda2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

There are some people that think FF-XIII was a bad game & there are some people that enjoyed the game like I did,this discussion will never change.The people that didn't like it better get over the fact that another one is on it's way & when they start having discussions on this site about the next installment they shouldn't bring their negative comments to a discussion about something that they claim they don't have any interest in,people that are interested in the next saga of FF-XIII would like to hear good things about the game not comments from people with nothing but negative sh*t to say. I know some haters will give me disagrees & of course I could care less.

Irishguy952273d ago

If you enjoyed FF13 I commend you. You are a better man than me to be able to enjoy something like that

Elda2273d ago

I've enjoyed all of the FF games,never played the MMO's.

stuna12273d ago

Well said elda, I'm not claiming it was my favorite FF game, but I did like it.

All gamers have played at least one game that they thought was the bomb game, then turn around and find out that, that's not how alot of others view that exact game you thought was the bomb!

It's all about different strokes for different folks.

Elda2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

@Stuna1....Absolutely!!...ever ything might not be for everybody but people shouldn't knock a game down because they didn't start it,finish it or didn't get into it because someone else may enjoy it,like I did.

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