OUYA Limited Edition Console

A new Limited Edition OUYA console that will available only during the last week of the Kickstarter...

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StraightPath2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Why would I buy this? If i have a andriod phone and tablet that can be hooked upto tv, a xbox 360,PS3,Wii and a DS,3DS,PSP,Vita.

The point is it cant match the dedicated handhelds for gaming, nor can it match the dedicated home consoles which this is trying to be and aiming at indie devs which already have access to numerous platforms.

I can play andriod games on my phone or tablet and can do on TV. But seriously why would i want to play angry birds on the tv...

thier big news is FF3 is a launch title lol a game available on DS and on andriod platforms. What crap is this.

hellvaguy2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

"Why would I buy this? If i have a andriod phone"

So everyone is just like you? Every 12 year old has the same exact andriod that they can hook up to the tv. The same model of tv you have too I bet your thinking.

You know what they say about assumptions, right?

fossilfern2360d ago

^ This is not to compete with the PS3 or 360 or the WiiU! Its a box for indie developers and Android games. Plain and simple.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2360d ago

I don't think you people understand. This opens up game developing for everyone.

swansong2360d ago

A new limited ed. Ouya!!!! Oh boy oh boy, take my money and run with it, where do I sign in blood at? Ha Ha. An unproven console that has yet to be developed and now its getting a limited edition, Look at the butt on that, yeah, he must work out! LOL

ChunkyLover532360d ago

I'm in! $140 for a limited console run, even if it flops, it'll be worth some money someday. Like those Virtual Boys, you cant touch those things without hundreds of dollars.

Gekko2360d ago

It looks nice after seeing so much silver in the bad few weeks, I'll give them that. But I want to know more about the games that will be released for this console before anything else.

Gekko2359d ago

Bad...? Oops, I meant past! But I suppose you could call it that too.