Why are so many games set in New York?

The allure of New York City for game designers is obvious. The Big Apple’s landscape is compact and full of render-friendly straight edges, yet also provides a complex obstacle course full of spectacle and familiar sights. That jagged manmade horizon looks great when plastered across a skybox, while Manhattan’s parks, wide avenues and elegant towers can even be used to dictate the pacing of a campaign and the placement of its set-pieces.

New York offers star power to games that would otherwise struggle with personality; it provides a place to fight in, and perhaps more importantly, a place to fight for. Whether you’re up against rogue nations, vicious aliens, ancient beasts or good old Commies, who wouldn’t risk everything to protect the greatest city on Earth?

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Outside_ofthe_Box2268d ago

Because it's the best city in the world!

brettyd2263d ago

It is but its a boring setting for a game imo.

gaminoz2267d ago

I've asked myself this question many times.

I'm so sick of game environments there.