Meet the Man in Microsoft's Rear-View

CNN: OnLive founder and CEO Steve Perlman talks about being a threat to Xbox, using Google TV as a Trojan horse against Sony, and the endless wait for Apple's approval.

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2270d ago
stuna12270d ago

Threat to xbox! Ha Ha, oh he's serious! How can onlive be a threat to xbox when microsoft is already in your living room and onlive can't get it's foot in the door?

I haven't tried onlive per-se but I hear that their ship has already sailed, being that sony has already bought a company that does what they do.

This just sounds like someone trying to drum up some attention in order to stay relevant.

Heartnet2270d ago

If u aint tried it then what can u really say that has any credit?

Sony have bought a company that does the same thing.. but how well? and whats the point when OnLive is free and can be used on a variety of devices already.. and already has a decent program up and running with an already established userbase..

Dunno what the difference is that sony aquires the same thing... little point unless its crazzzy good and different

stuna12270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Well I haven't tried the other service either! But I do know they both are streaming services.

SnakeCQC2270d ago

lol onlive is a joke any game you buy is gone from your library in 2 years and it has the most intrusive internet only drm the second you go offline your game shuts off

Heartnet2270d ago

"the second u go offline the game shuts down"

cant believe ur using this as an arguement against them LOL

how else do u connect to their servers to play the game which isnt even installed on ur PC?... Magic? Fairies?
Thats not Drm thats just how it is.... so uninformed :(

dunno the news on taht 2 year thing but sounds like ur referenceing EA origin in that if u dont play the game for 2 years they take it off...

might be the same might not... but the rest of ur thing is wrong so i doubt ur source..

JBSleek2270d ago

Microsoft controls over 90% of the PC market. They are a big player in the console market 30%. They are going to be a fierce competitor in the mobile sector with the release of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

You are far from a threat to Microsoft or Xbox.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2270d ago

they get 1% cash of pc games though.

JBSleek2270d ago

1% how did you come up with that number?

Also even if true I don't see how that is relevent to Onlive being a competitor.

SpecialK2270d ago

I think Onlive will do better than many people think.

Its already got an interface, the games and its a flexible platform that can work on anything from a laptop, a smart tv to a tiny smartphone.

I gave it a go on my low spec laptop a while back. I knew on my connection speeds it wouldnt be perfect but i was still amazed. Minus a little lag i had an up to date game, producing visuals vastly superior to what my laptop could ever render itself and once theyve got servers closer to me, i could really see myself using the service.

When this loads up on your smart TV, showing that it can play the latest games with no extra hardware needed, instantly after payment without leaving your sofa, with decent graphics, for everyone apart from the seriously hardcore or those too stubborn to change, it'll be a tempting offer.

Its interesting to say the least, looking forward to how this all pans out

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The story is too old to be commented.