Joystiq's New Super Mario Bros. 2 review: Gold, standard


New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a good platformer. Nobody doubted it would be. However, it's impossible to avoid holding a Mario game up to a higher standard than other platformers, and in that context it's a lot less successful.

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DivineAssault 2270d ago

Its the same $hit, u cant blame em.. Its a solid game but its not anything thats new...

colonel1792270d ago

Not always does it have to be new to be good. That's why developers change a solid formula and turn it into $hit... Mario is the prefect example that if the gameplay is fun and solid there's no need to change it.

Just look at Resident Evil. The game has changed so much, it can be called something else

DivineAssault 2270d ago

Im not saying it has to be new to be good.. Im saying that its SOLID but its nothing that different... Look @ all them damn COD games.. Theyre solid but its the same formula tweaked & optimized.. Im buying it day 1 even if it scored a ZERO because i loved Mario Bros 3 & this is a perfected version of that.. Im curious as to how many different power ups there are.. I wish they brought back the frog suit.

dark-hollow2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

If the game is "SOLID" like you said, then what's there to complain about?

The new super Mario bros is MEANT to replicate the classic Mario games.

While they keep the main Mario franchise fresh as ever and Mario galaxy is a proof of that.

I dare you to say Mario 64, sunshine and galaxy are basically rehashes.

colonel1792270d ago

I can say that Galaxy series was a masterpiece. It was the perfect 3D mario. The music is the best thing of the game though!

Y_51502270d ago

I'm soo buying it too, I can't get enough of a good Mario game. And I'm with you on the frog suit!

ado9082270d ago

I think the game should have concentrated less on the fact your main objective is to collect coins but more into completing levels with a totally different boss other than bowser.. Tweak the gameplay a little bit and graphics and the game will be great.