Steam's new terms "may be unenforceable", says lawyer

BeefJack: "Overnight, Valve introduced new user agreement terms for Steam which seemingly forbid users from forming class action lawsuits against the company. We ask Jack Jones from Sheridans: can they really do this? And what does it mean for the user?"

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rdgneoz32268d ago

In the UK, it probably won't work. In the US, it might just work seeing as AT&T put in a no class action lawsuit in their terms of service in 2009, which the Supreme Court upheld. Sony did the same thing in 2011 with their terms of service for the PSN.

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beerkeg2268d ago

“Generally speaking in the US, a claimant is not liable for the other side’s costs if they lose and so there is generally less risk in bringing claims. This means that a defendant when dealing with a claim will incur potential large costs at court irrespective to whether they win or lose and is therefore more likely to settle even weak claims rather than go all the way to trial.”

That's just wrong. You can make a claim and you don't have to pay the other sides costs if you lose? Why wouldn't people try their luck, it's a no lose situation for them.

TacoTaru2268d ago

I would never participate in a class action lawsuit since it inevitably turns out that while the lawyers get millions the individuals get a coupon for $1 their next purchase. They need to implement "loser pays" in this country.

aliengmr2268d ago


Especially considering the amounts you are dealing with on a case by case basis. You aren't going to sue Valve for more than a couple thousand dollars at most, which they will totally settle for if you win. In a class suit you may end up getting nothing, while the lawyer sizable chunk of the settlement.

Point is if you want to sue Valve you are better off going solo.

chasegarcia2268d ago

I agree, but sometimes it does not bother me that lawyers get all the money because some companies need to learn a lesson.