Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles - Gameplanet Review

Gameplanet writes: "The Umbrella Chronicles is not strictly part of the Resident Evil series. It would be more correct to label it a spin-off. Umbrella Chronicles is a rail shooter, similar to the popular arcade series 'House of the Dead'. Players are slowly walked through a level with only a small amount of influence over the camera. Not enough to look 360 degrees around yourself but enough to shift the focus to an object that may be slightly off screen. While the game takes you around the level, it is your task to defend yourself against the hordes of undead and other ruthless creatures that frequent the Resident Evil series.

Umbrella Chronicles offers the keen players a myriad of weird objects to collect relating to the Resident Evil world. These, along with the ranking system that is used to evaluate your score, gives the game a fair amount of replay value. That is if you are the type that really does love the game and willingly wants to finish everything. Personally I found Umbrella Chronicles to be slow and dull. There really isn't anything in the way of problem solving and more often than not I found myself tuning out and playing the game in a somewhat 'automatic' fashion. However, for those Resident Evil enthusiasts it may be more interesting, as Umbrella Chronicles is much more story orientated than captivating game-play. If you are an avid collector of Resident Evil games, or love the arcade rail shooters, then this game will suit you fine. If, like me, you are neither of those, then you may consider renting it or just staying clear of it."

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