In Depth: Death of the Arcade | Clearance Bin Review

"Any gamer in their mid twenties or older remembers a time when much of your gaming was done in poorly lit rooms full of giant boxes that you would pump quarters into for a few moments of gaming excellence at a time. These typically female free, and sometimes hygiene free zones may not have always been the nicest looking, but no other store in the mall or on the street had décor nearly as fun. Arcades once populated this country in mass, like the buffalo, and much like the buffalo the advent and spread of new technology lead to their demise. For buffalo it was the railroad and more accurate firearms, for the arcade it was the likes of Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and others. For many of us the sounds of Pac Man chomping pellets represents not only a game but a physical space, where strange smells and good friends would congregate in hopes of having a good time."

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