Five Things The Next Batman Game Needs

With The Dark Knight Rises reigning supreme at cinemas and Rocksteady looking to complete their own great Caped Crusader trilogy in the world of gaming, Jacques Voller suggests five must-have features for Arkham City’s successor.

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Wizziokid2272d ago

The whole of gotham would be amazing but I'm not sure about vehicles, I can't help but think they might take away from the gameplay abit but who knows, if anyone can do it right, Rocksteady can so we will see

t0mmyb0y2272d ago

Vehicles would be awesome if done right. Look how good the old Spiderman was when you could sling around the whole city. That's just how he got around.

jony_dols2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

I would love free-roaming Batvehicles, but if it had linear vehicle segments I wouldn't mind, as long as they were done well. One of my favorite things about the underrated Batman Begins VG tie-in was Criterion's Burnout-esque Batmobile sequences!

Also Arkham City had plenty of Easter Eggs that pointed at Scarecrow being set up as the series next main villain.

Pieface082272d ago

A better free lance mode to where u can play as Bruce Wayne in the day and Batman at night, that would be cool.

TrendyGamers2272d ago

What would you do as Bruce?

Pieface082271d ago

He would drive around in his nice car and do regular police like missions and follow up on leads...

Parasyte2272d ago

John Dimaggio as the Joker. 'nuf said.

Pozzle2272d ago

John Dimaggio isn't bad, but he's certainly no Mark Hamill.

Summons752272d ago

Bat jet, car, cycle, boat please. grapple/gliding is fun but have some diversity

JTX2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Batmobile! And access to wayne manor/the batcave whenever you want. Really hope they don't include the justice league though.

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The story is too old to be commented.