Top 10 Co-op Games

Pilot episode for Geek - The show for all things Geek. Let's list the top 10 co-op games.

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Lord_Sloth2271d ago

This list does not feature Monster Hunter or Phantasy Star Online. Something's dreadfully wrong with that.

TronEOL2271d ago

He said couch co-op games only. So it makes complete sense those were left out.

Lord_Sloth2271d ago

PSO on Gamecube had Couch Co-Op. I play it every year with my brother to celebrate the new year.

Also, PSP requires you to be within close proximity so...

WeskerChildReborned2271d ago

Perfect Dark was one of my favorite games of N64.

Kos-Mos2271d ago

Screwattack once again delivers compared to the hopeless gaming-journalists around the web.