Street Fighter X Tekken update 'nerfs Ryu', rebalancing others and gems

Producer Tomoaki Ayano of Street Fighter X Tekken has described the changes made in the latest patch for the brawler, which includes nerfing "Ryu's Hurricane Kick" as it was too much.

He continued by saying every character is "getting some kind of gameplay fix or rebalance". Ayano-san also talked about updates to the gems system by adjusting their meter costs.

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pompombrum3283d ago

Ironic how the balance patch comes around the same time they try and charge us for content we already paid for.. too little too late imho.

CraigUK3283d ago

What exactly did you pay for?

Hufandpuf3283d ago

the characters that were locked out on the disk

CraigUK3283d ago

Did you know they were locked on the disk when you bought the game? If so you made that choice and its your own fault.

Did you buy it day one and not know they were on the disk? Then you didnt pay for them because you didnt know they were there.

People are too self entitled these days. Those characters are on the disk already for a number of reason. PSVita timed exclusivity and for compatibility later on.

I would be more annoyed if I bought the characters and couldnt play with them online against people who had not. That would be a waste of money. Having them on the disk means EVERYONE who has the game and is playing online can fight against your purchased characters. They dont have to download large files (which is impossible if they dont have a harddrive).

Anyway, I know I will get a billion disagrees. I dont care. People need to realise if the developer locks something from you on the disk and didnt advertise it as something that was in the game then and if you didnt know it was there when you bought the game then what on earth are you complaining against.

pompombrum3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Actually I bought the game not knowing the DLC characters were locked on the disc while assuming a certain few characters that were advertised in videos would be available like Cody.

You want to talk self entitlement, isn't it the exact same thing with what you're talking about when buying DLC and being able to use it against everyone? Hypothetically speaking say you paid the 1600 points for the DLC.. as you paid money for it you feel entitled to use it against everyone. Knowing Capcom and how notorious they are for certain characters being significantly better, I'd say that's extremely unfair on those who have no interest in buying the DLC.

Iceman X3283d ago

I highly agree, this is DLC it doesn't matter if it's on the disc or you have to download it. It's still DLC and you have to pay to use it. You only know it's there because they hacked the 360 version, if it wasn't for hackers you wouldn't have even known. My point is if you don't like the DLC or the price don't buy it. But for people to think because it's on the disc and i purchased the disc then i shouldn't have to pay for it, is utter ridiculous.

Tonester9253283d ago

@Iceman X finally someone with some sense

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Tonester9253283d ago

Ryu is always super strong in every street fighter games

Baka-akaB3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Not really . He's usually just good and in tiers mid to high . He's an easy to pick character with ken ( but hard to master) , and there are usually far stronger chars to pick .
Plus there is the whole let's copy Daigo and strong players vibe that was going around at sf4's release .

Now in SFXT he was definitively overpowered .