Fieldrunners 2 Interview With Subatomic Studios' Chris Canfield

John Bedford (Modojo): The designer discusses the painstaking work that went into creating the sequel, the upcoming iPad version, and future updates for the game.

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Jdoki3283d ago

As much as I like Fieldrunners, this dev is out of touch.

Not building FR2 as a Universal app is a mistake in my opinion. It was understandable with the original game as the iPad didn't exist - but with iCloud, Game Center, the new iPad etc it makes sense to go Universal. It reduces costs and effort.

It also strikes me as slightly money grabbing as the iPhone and iPad versions of FR1 are both priced at the upper end for games, and I don't want to buy both versions, then also pay twice for IAP stuff as well. I am holding off buying FR2 until they launch a Universal version, or iPad specific version.