Free-to-play games spreading as developers target Vita

The free-to-play business model is spreading as Vita developers confirm new titles.

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boybato3279d ago

i'd rather that a game is free to play to begin with than being nickeled n dimed by dlc. cough *capcom cough....

3279d ago
eZJrg6ur3279d ago

Worth pointing out that free-to-play affects which games can offer trophies. Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, the only current free-to-play Vita game cannot offer them because Sony has a policy where trophies cannot be awarded from a free game (PS+ and promos not withstanding). The only way to give trophies in a F2P game is to release a package of DLC that costs money, and have the trophies tied into that.

The lack of trophies is largely considered the leading cause of low Mini sales, and is one of the reasons Montezuma Blitz only stayed on my system 20 minutes.

Personally, I'd rather play a demo and decide if I want to buy the game than download a F2P game and wait until the trophy DLC pack is released (if it ever is, there isn't one for Montezuma and will probably never be).

KUV19773279d ago

Montezuma actually received a trophy patch a while back, but here is the kicker: the trophies you receive will only be visible on your local VITA-List. They can not be synchronized to the PSN servers.

eZJrg6ur3279d ago

Huh! I didn't know, thanks. That is weird though, so do the trophies not actually count towards your over-all PSN trophy level? What's the point then? o_O

KUV19773279d ago

Maybe the patch is only out in Europe at the time, but it is as you descripe without point. The trophies do show up in your local VITA list but neither in your PSN-list nor do they increase your trophy rank. I'd rather have no trophies at all than worthless trophies. But the good thing is that as soon as you reset your VITA they will be gone for good as the local trophy list is not saved in backups, unless they changed it recently for these weired no-score-trophies.

I feel that they got the VITA trophy-system completely wrong anyway. Why would a game like Motorstorm RC have 2 identical trophy lists that are even synchronized? Just create one combined shared list. The way it is you get a complete platinum for nothing. I hope they don't do that for future cross-platform-games but I can already see that becoming standard. Would completely devalue the whole system.

SandWitch3279d ago

Trophies are local-only because the whole system was not prepared for an F2P game with trophies.

TOM: Blitz devs said that trophies sync is not possible with the current Vita Firmware. But some future FW update might fix this.

KUV19773279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

EDIT: I read your statement wrong initially as something like 'all VITA trophies are locally only'. Sorry about that. So what follows is a rant about the 'broken' trophy system. Still my opinion is: Why bother having trophies if you can't even compare them with other VITA-users.

Original: I know it wasn't, but here's an interesting question: Why? I love my PS3 and VITA but why couldn't they create a real combined trophy system or if that doesn't work for whatever reason, why not create 2 really functional seperate ones. Why create a system where parts work together, other parts not. Some parts are double others not even half. That's really just sloppy work and a sign of a lack of concept. A concept a 6-year old could have easily come up with: Either have VITA trophies count in the current system and then make them available everywhere and have VITA and PS3 share lists for games like Motorstorm RC or have VITA trophies not count towards the overall progress and give users a mobile sublevel. The way it is now people can see I have >20 platinums but if they want to see in which games and only have a PS3 they will never know. It just seems like SONY has put terribly little thought into the whole thing.

Trophies aren't the most important thing in the world, not even in gaming, but I have this weired attitude: Either do it right or don't do it. Doing it kinda sorta halfway isn't really the way to go for me.

Gekko3279d ago

I think this is a good thing especially since they aren't as many games for the Playstation Vita at the moment.