Crunchyroll PS3 App Launches Today

New app allows Premium members to view shows on PS3.

After first being announced during Anime Expo, Sony and Crunchyroll have officially launched the long-awaited Crunchyroll app for the Playstation 3. The free app will allow Premium members to view catalog and simulcast episodes while also including the first episodes of simulcast shows as shown below with Saki: Episode of Side A for non-Premium members.

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rezzah4138d ago

I want it on Vita now >=O

kingPoS4138d ago

It's a great app that's sure to get better with time.

iWishTifaWasReal4138d ago

Wow u have to be a Premium Member in order to access the anime. But on the site and the app on iphone and android you dont have to be. Very disappointing.
Tsss -,-


River City Girls Comes to Mobile Via Crunchyroll Game Vault

"WayForward's River City Girls is an incredible beat 'em up RPG that has spawned a successful franchise and even an artbook. The first game has appeared on every modern platform other than mobile - until now. River City Girls is now available on iOS and Android through Crunchyroll Game Vault. Basically, paying Crunchyroll subscribers get free access to games in the vault, which is a great deal if you're already relying on the service to stream anime," says Co-Optimus.

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Crunchyroll Levels Up With All-New Anime-Inspired Game Vault

Crunchyroll Game Vault is giving premium members access to anime-inspired mobile games like River City Girls and Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery.

Snookies1222d ago

Ehh, phone games... I very rarely have interest in one, and even when I do I usually uninstall it a week or two later.

jznrpg22d ago

Netflix has mobile games and no interest from me. Same here


Crunchyroll on One Punch Man World: 'The most ambitious Crunchyroll Games title to date'

Crunchyroll Games has offered comment on the forthcoming One Punch Man: World, stating it's 'the most ambitious' game they've worked on.