GTA V Viral Marketing is GO - Epsilon Program Website Updated

DSOGaming writes: "We do know that some of you were disappointed with GTA V’s absence from yesterday’s Take-Two conference. A lot of gamers believed that we could be getting a release date, but as you may have guessed, that never happened. And even though Rockstar has already stated that GTA V won’t be present at this year’s GamesCom, something is definitely going on in the background. How we know that? Well thanks to the Epsilon Program Website - a website that is home to the biggest religious cult in San Andreas – that was recently updated."

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MultiConsoleGamer2731d ago

A pretty hilarious knock on scientology.

Red_Orange_Juice2731d ago

Yes, its funny how they have "Give money" twice on the top.

HebrewHammer2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

I remember this being around for SA! Cool to see it back.

iamnsuperman2731d ago

Really weird viral marketing.

"Feel free to speculate on anything, but don’t get your hopes up. For example, the PO box number from this web site is 10012. Is Rockstar implying that GTA V will be released this October (10 – 2012) ?"

Let the dissection being. Be prepared for more random theories to do with numbers

john22731d ago

most probably a date for a new trailer

PiccoloGR2731d ago

Nice. Let's see now what Rockstar has in store for us

B_Rian892731d ago

Maybe I missed it, but where is the update? It looks the same as when San Andreas was released

john22731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Well for once the Twitter account was created today ;)

kingPoS2731d ago

What can you say other than R* got a really good poker face.

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