The Future Is Online Passes, Subscription, DLC and Mobile

With the announcement of Take-Two's and EA's first quarter earnings, some trends in the industry have become very clear. TheSixthAxis looks at how the shift is being made to Online Passes, Subscription, DLC and Mobile, and how their now overtaking physical games.

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decrypt3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Only from greedy devs such as EA, Lolvision.

Devs such as Valve, CDProjekt still give off DLCs for free (atleast on the PC version).

Imo the future belongs to these sort of developers and the fast growing indie scene.

With game prices as low as they are today specially with Steam discounts i don't see a reason why online passes would take off atleast on the PC.

Subscriptions probably work for MMOs, i dont think people will be paying for anything else.

Mobile gaming probably has a big scope, but thats after they give proper controller support. I would be amused to see a Cell phone plugged into a TV and supporting various controllers via bluetooth. Control pads for action / adventure games, Keyboard mouse for shooters, RTS, MMOs etc.