Why Tokyo Game Show is vital for the PS Vita

Sony’s E3 2012 performance was something that many people didn’t see coming. At a time when the Vita is going through severe growth pangs as a product, it was imperative for Sony to at least create some positive word of mouth by announcing some stunning games at E3. They didn’t.

Sony World Wide Studios boss Shehui later attempted to do some damage control by saying it was due to their PR team that they were trying to showcase everything they had in less time and didn’t have enough time for the Vita.

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miyamoto3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

" Sony just doesn’t inspire confidence in me anymore when it comes to taking fast action."


Sony has neglected Japan in favor of the west even.

If they want the PLayStation platforms go main stream again they have to get the balance between Japan and the West, mature & young gamers, character based games & non-character based multi-player games. core and casual gamers.

Sony has a broken wing that is why it can't soar like it used to.

How many 1st party developers do they have in Japan compared to the West?

They have to address this asap.

To say 2 million PS Vita sold in 5 months is okay, makes no sense.

Cut the BS, Sony.

To say we don't have have time to show games for Vita games on E3 is BS!

You had time for Wonderbook, 3D TV & no time for games for your struggling platform?

They need to have games for the handheld market, made up of younger gamers, made by themselves (Ape Escape & Hot Shots Golf is not gonna cut it anymore). The console experience is better kept at home in our big screen not in your pocket.

Sony needs to step its own game up.

iamnsuperman3282d ago

I think that shows more about Japan/ Eastern Developers than Sony doing wrong. That part of gaming has been in decline in favour of western developers because they make far more money than their counterparts. I agree that Sony need to show more vita games. Even though I think dedicated handheld gaming is in decline for more multifunctional tablet/phone devices, if you are going to release a handheld then support it. Wonderbook is a fantastic business idea but probably shouldn't have taken up 20 minutes of the E3 conference.

I see the Tokyo game show being splint in half. Half being vita and the other half being showing the vita and PS3 working together (remember this is the last conference opportunity to take Nintendo down a peg or two before launch)

bunfighterii3282d ago

Also agree- Sony make great hardware but they are really really really slow to respond to clear signals from the market about what the markets want, particularly lately.

MultiConsoleGamer3282d ago

You should really remove that picture of the 3DS and replace it with an iphone.

NoGunz3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Best Handheld Ever!!!.

one2thr3282d ago

Isn't it up to the game developers to choose whether they want to show the gaming industry what they have been working on for the vita(well any platform for that matter ) and that Sony can only supply the hardware that their(game developer) game is going to be running on. So forcing them (game company) to show their unfinished product to vita naysayers, "Sony-needs-to-show-some- games", and vita-doomers would be a terrible move on sonys behalf, seeing that the mentioned game company will more than likely lose interest in making any other games for the vita.
But unfortunately more than 99.99991% of people don't see it like that/this... Tsk, Tsk, Tsk terrible...