The Implications of PEGI

D+PAD Writes:

Much is being made within the video game industry and fanbase about the implementation of an EU-wide system of video game age restrictions in the UK from the 30th July 2012. Previously, game content had been vetted by the British Board of Film Classification, the overarching regulator of all film and TV programmes, but the system was inconsistently and inefficiently enforced. PEGI, the Pan-European Game Information system, places harsher sanctions on retailers who sell age-restricted games to underage customers including prison terms and fines, and provides more detailed guidance on packaging about game content. All games must now be vetted by the Video Standards Council, with the exception of games with “explicit sexual content,” given R18 status in line with BBFC regulations on sexual material.

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Sucitta3290d ago

this wont stop kids from getting those games.. the harder you make it for them, the more they will want them.

how about some realistic education instead? or bring back good ol parenting? but i guess that's not possible in todays economy..