Picotto Knight Should Keep Dragon’s Crown Fans Busy For Now

While Picotto Knight from Ragnarok Odyssey developer Game Arts has a different art style, the gameplay sounds pretty similar. Picotto Knight is described as a hack and slash "belt scrolling action RPG." The game supports online play and even if you’re offline another character will join you.

Picotto Knight supports 1-4 players and will be free to play with additional items available for purchase.

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miyamoto3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Other game collaborations?

Now were are talking Sony!!!

Not the AAA quality character based games entry level games from Sony Japan themselves but this is nice welcome addition.

This is the games that address the majority of the handheld market.

How about bringing the Grandia Series to the PS Vita Game Arts?

Now Sony Japan get your hands dirty and do your job. Don't let the 3rd party devs do your homework for you.