Kickstarter Indie Bundle seeks funding for nine games

We've heard of indie bundles and indie Kickstarters, but a Kickstarter indie bundle? It's true! The Kickstarter Indie Bundle was started by one Evgeniy Kolpakov so that "developers from around the world could pool their talents to create a project and provide a value bundle to donators interested in supporting their indie efforts."

The project seeks to fund nine different games, ranging in genre from horror to puzzler, dating sim and ... golf platformer. The games are aimed at multiple platforms including PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and possibly even the PS Vita (though not all games are planned for all platforms).

Sog4366d ago

The word "Indie" should not have value.

People say games should not be judged because they are Indie, but rather should be judged by quality.
Why, then, turn around and advertise something specifically *because* it's indie?

3GenGames4366d ago

Maybe it's because they have no funding or publisher most of the time and they need it?

Who would donate to project that would be backed by millions of dollars already? Not me!

RenegadeRocks4366d ago

The word Indie holds a lot of value. it means its independent of Evil corp pressures. If I am going to put my money in any game, it rather be independent of publisher pressures.

That kindof ensures it won't be shovelware.


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