1up - Sleeping Dogs Gives Players a Dark World to Explore at their Own Pace

1up - Hong Kong action cinema certainly enjoys the opportunity to be silly and gritty at the same time. Those double-fisted gunfights, the pulse-pounding cops chases with improbable physics, and (in some cases) those doves that fly out of nowhere; all of it comes together to weave a world that's slavishly stylish but slightly ridiculous.

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-Mezzo-2731d ago

So excited for this game... And of course Darksider 2.

TitanUp2731d ago

this game looks interesting but im more excited for dishonored.

grailly2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

yeah, but that is not coming out this month.

I've been on holiday in hong kong for 4 weeks now, and sleeping dogs is coming out the day I'm leaving. it'll be nice to prolongue my stay that way :D also playing on my console after 6 weeks will be nice.

310dodo2730d ago

cannot wait

Open world - check
violence - check
customization - check

here is my $65

TitanUp2730d ago

violence is a reason why this game is going to be good?

310dodo2730d ago Show
TitanUp2730d ago

look at my fucking steam profile


i don't even have a nintendo wii but if i did i would play fun games no matter if it had violence in it or not.

TitanUp2730d ago

games are fun with or without violence anyways this game looks like it could be good im just more interested in dishonored.

GTRrocker6662729d ago

I am really excited to play this game. Lately I have just been replaying games that I have had for a while ( deus ex, skyrim, mk, twisted metal) so this will be breath of fresh air to my gaming librrary to play something new. I look forward to the fighting and getting into an unfamiliar storyline