Electronic Arts, Marvel Dissolve Game Deal

Electronic Arts today brought conclusive clarity to the future of its upcoming Marvel Comics-based fighting game formerly in development at EA Chicago.

It ain't happening.

"EA and Marvel have jointly agreed to discontinue development of the Marvel titles under the EA Games Label. This was a business decision based on EA's portfolio strategy," an Electronic Arts rep told GameTap today.

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THE_JUDGE4372d ago

Marvel hasn't had a really good fighting game since X-Men: Next Dimension. That was last year quite a bit. Didn't they're Marvel Universe MMO get cancelled too?

aftrdark214372d ago

Capcom would take this chance to get the license back and make Marvel Vs Capcom 3!

Skerj4372d ago

I came here JUST to make that comment and you beat me to it, kudos sir. It's time for Capcom to take it back and show them how it's done.

THX71684372d ago

Really disappointed by this bit of news.

LinuxGuru4372d ago

Fight Night Round 3 + Marvel Super Heroes = Slow, cumbersome, un-superhero-like fighting that would never succeed as a game.

LinuxGuru4372d ago

Thank GOD.

Maybe Marvel can attach onto someone who can develop a game that DOESN'T bring disgrace upon their name and characters.

Developers Marvel should stay away from:

Electronic Arts

They really need to find someone that's passionate about the Marvel comic universe. Not some huge mega-conglomerate looking to rake in cash from comic-loving video game players.

CNIVEK4372d ago

...for 360 fans. MS already has the exclusive Marvel MMO deal...and now Kudo works for them. If they're smart, they'll quickly ink a deal with Marvel for exclusive rights to the fighting games, and let Kudo continue his work .

Skerj4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

That Marvel MMO got canned not too long ago. Besides, the EA Marvel fighting game sucked and that WAS from Kudo's team, so I hope they'd stay away from it. Let Capcom get it back, they know what time it is.

LinuxGuru4372d ago

I would not want Kudo Tsunoda to make a fighting game with marvel characters.

That would be extremely boring and slow (like Fight Night)....

Developers that would make a better Marvel fighting game:

- Capcom

- Midway

- Tecmo

- Namco

CNIVEK4372d ago

The game had a lot of promise...much more so than Nemesis.

And BTW, Skerj, the Marvel MMO was never officially cancelled...or even STARTED, for that matter. Since the rumors back last Nov., nothing else has surfaced.

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The story is too old to be commented.