New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the Best in the Series (Review - GameXplain)

GameXplain: "Does New Super Mario Bros. 2 stack up to Mario's previous adventures? Is the 3D any good?! Oh, and was the Raccoon suit worth the wait? Find out in our video review!"

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Eternalb3283d ago

I love Mario but hated NSMB. I wonder if I'd like this one...

newsguy3283d ago

wait, it's better than super mario bros. 3 and 64? Blasphemy!

DrRobotnik3282d ago

Agreed, I call shenanigans on that statement.

Moby-Royale3282d ago

A lot of people wear nostalgia colored glasses when it comes to the classic masterpieces, myself included.

That being said, how can this be the best if the score is a four out of five?

It literally doesn't add up to me.

andresegers3282d ago

Because it's the best of the NSMB series, not Mario entirely.

--Onilink--3282d ago

he means the best in the new series

NastyLeftHook03283d ago

nope, the best in the series is on super nintendo.

TheMutator3282d ago

Mario 3 still the king!!!!