The Old Republic: What Free-to-Play Means Going Forward

What came as little surprise to those who follow MMOs, BioWare announced SWTOR would enter the free-to-play realm. Jeff from Holygrenade speculates on the ramifications of this, the state of the game afterward, and brings Guild Wars 2 into the mix as well.

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rdgneoz33282d ago

Curious how it'll turn out with GW2 coming out the end of Aug. Seeing as you pay a one time fee, and you can access all the content at any time and play as much pvp as you want. Hopefully going FTP gets SW some more subscribers back after all the ones they've lost lately.

zeal0us3282d ago

B2P with full access(GW2) vs F2P with limited access(SWTOR)

EA/Bioware should of went the B2P rather than the P2P route.

I wonder how long before Tera or Secret World goes F2P?

SJPFTW3282d ago

This is why Bioware should have done Knights of the Old Republic 3.

DeadlyFire3282d ago

Sometime towards end of August I believe. Game will be $15 bucks in August and this is said to start by Fall 2012. So I am thinking in September/October this hits.

da_2pacalypse3282d ago

Is there a way to get this without downloading the atrocious EA Origins Software? I refuse to let that thing run on my computer.... Besides, I've heard TOR was pretty disappointing anyways...

SPAM-FRITTER-1233282d ago

1. TOR is a great game

2. yes you can use it without Origin if you buy the disc and install to HDD instead of activating through Origin.

kamper3282d ago

You don't need Orgin to play the game. that being said, I actually like the system. It grows on you. Remember how much we all hated steam a few years back?

xGrunty3282d ago

You like a memory hog?

Also I've been using Steam for almost 9 years now. Never have i hated it.

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