Sarah Michelle Gellar Passionate About American McGee's Alice

Sarah Michelle Gellar told SCI FI Wire that she's still passionate about developing Alice, a movie based on the computer game American McGee's Alice, to which she owns the film rights. The game is based on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

"It's a passion project of mine," Gellar (The Air I Breathe) said in an interview. "It's a story that I'd love to see. I'm fearful at this rate that I'm going to be the wicked Queen of Hearts because I'm going to be too old to be Alice," she added with a laugh.

The Rogue Entertainment game is a first-person shooter based in a dystopic dark version of Carroll's Wonderland. Gellar said she mastered the game with the help of her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr., who is an avid gamer. "I just thought [it] was the most weirdly beautiful game," Gellar said.

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gamesblow4379d ago

I've read her work as a screenwriter and it's about as cohesive and complete as a James Gunn attempt. She's about the last person I'd want to see do this film.

As I am probably bias to a fault. < For good reason.

bootsielon4379d ago

I wish she was doing better quality hollywood IP

INehalemEXI4379d ago

The Buffage -_0 Buffster. I would watch it.

darkside4379d ago

she better not screw this up! the game is so good!

WilliamRLBaker4378d ago

American Mcgee's Alice started out on a great note then became very shallow and silly towards the end as well the graphics went down hill specially in the end movie....otherwise im still waiting for the vaunted and teased about American Mcgee's OZ.