Toshiba Plans HD DVD Super Bowl Spot

Highdefdigest reports that Toshiba is taking its message to the largest marketing platform on earth, Toshiba has plunked down a reported $2.7 million for a 30-second spot on this year's Super Bowl telecast.

Of course, the Super Bowl is more than just a football game; according to a research study conducted by trade group the Consumer Electronics Association and advocacy group Sports Video Group, more than 2.4 million HDTV sets will be sold due to Super Bowl XLII.

Sally said that Toshiba's 30-second Super Bowl spot would highlight the company's HD-A3, HD-A30 and HD-A35 HD DVD player, all of which saw significant price cuts a week after Warner's move to Blu-ray exclsuivity.

At press time, there were no plans for a Blu-ray counter-offensive during this year's Super Bowl, with BDA spokesman Andy Parsons telling Home Media Magazine that he didn't believe a Super Bowl ad would convince consumers that HD DVD will win the format war.

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Cyrus3654373d ago

Looks like Toshiba isn't about to quit, and if I were in their shoes, I'd do the same. IF I was about to offer Warner about 200-500 million to switch sides, it's time I use that money to aggressively bring prices down (They have), and make a huge ad campagin, as last ditch effort, to move units.

solar4373d ago

seems like a desperation move more than anything. i cant tell if they are trying to unload what they have left or try to save the format. either way 2.7 mil for 1 commercial at the super bowl is filling the basket will a whole bunch of eggs.

Cyrus3654373d ago

Yeah but 2.7 million if it gets more people to buy your product, or atleast familar with it, might be well spent. This is pocket change to companies like this. Yes it's a gamble at this point, but they need to do something.

solar4373d ago

ya, but the way i see it is how the 360 has beaten up on the ps3 last year. no games, no one buys the system. if hd-dvd doesnt have the movies....

Cyrus3654373d ago

True enough, without content, it won't sell. However if they can somehow sell say a few million dedicated HD-DVd players, and say some Universal or Paramount HD-DVD start selling real well (Has to be big) Their hope is the Movie studios who are exclusive on Blu-ray, will be like hmmm lets go back to Netural support or exclusive on HD-DVD.

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cooke154372d ago

Just bought the A3 last night.. 148 bucks at Futureshop of course with 7 free movies ;)