Video games blamed in Californian teen stabbing

Player Attack: A 20-year old Californian man is recovering from multiple stab wounds after a violent altercation with his 17-year old friend. Sherri Kemp says her son was playing "one of those bloody, gory" games with a friend - the type "they always play" - when things turned violent.

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DudeJets3290d ago

No mother your son is a lunatic and you are just blaming the Games.

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thebudgetgamer3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

No one ever blames basketball when a pickup game goes wrong and someone gets shot.

Human Analog3290d ago

This sounds like the same kind of person who would follow you home and attack you on your front lawn, if you accidentally cut him off while driving. And then I guess it would be the cars fault? Or maybe the traffic? Oh! I got it... It's probably because he played Grand Theft Auto. Some people are just a-holes. No explanation needed.

Lazyeye793290d ago

Comes as no surprise, everyone blames everyone or everything else for their problems.

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