Dissecting the Rocky Relationship Between Bethesda and the PlayStation

The PlayStation 3 has undoubtedly gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to third party games this generation. During the days of the PS2, Sony’s platform was the king of the mountain, but ever since Microsoft swooped in with their checkbook, PlayStation owners have been cast aside, forced to wait for timed-exclusive content. Worse yet has been the issue of buggy and broken games, which seemingly run much smoother on the competition’s hardware. This rings particularly true for Bethesda, the studio behind the popular The Elder Scrolls series, as well as Fallout 3. - PSLS

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decimalator3291d ago

I'm not sure I'd call it a relationship. Xbox is the wife, and Playstation is the girlfriend that Bethesda occasionally has relations with, stringing her along with implied promises that maybe someday he'll leave that bitch wife and they can start a life together. But we all know that it will never happen.

Publishers like to make money. When a platform holder like Microsoft promises them X amount of said money to give them their stuff first, then it becomes a business decision. Will they be able to make more money by going with the sure bet and maybe losing a little money they would otherwise bring in from another platform? There is a reason that a sure bet is a sure bet. Even if nobody bought their game, they would still be getting some return on their investment.

This is what happens when one platform has a higher market share than you. If there are more potential customers on that platform, it makes the exclusivity gamble more of a sure bet. Especially with a game like Skyrim where most PS3 buyers are going to buy anyways.

insertcoin3291d ago

I think it's mainly because Bethesda first develops for the PC and the code for that is easily transferable to the Xbox 360. They must redo a lot of the code for the PS3 version, so it's typically not as optimized as they would like.

majiebeast3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

If that were true Dawnguard would already be on pc. Micro$oft paid another nice sum to hold back dawnguard for pc and ps3 atleast a month thats what they do, they cant match quality so they play dirty.

Bethesda is just being stupid they could be releasing it now with almost no game releases. But as soon as sleeping dogs and darksiders 2 hits there will be plenty of games and people will be less inclined to buy 15$ dlc for a game almost a year old.

ChunkyLover533291d ago

Didn't Sony do the same thing with EA? Its not like its only Microsoft that pays for exclusive content or timed content.

There is some AC3 content that wont ever be playable on another console but the PS3, that to me if far worse than timed exclusive content.

greenpowerz3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

How did chunkylover get a disagree?

Another huge game coming is Farcry 3 which gets exclusive PS3 game content(added co-op missions)

For all we know the PC version of skyrim was planned for much later after the console versions but PS3 hardware is holding the devs up on the PS version. I was surprised they worked out the problems in the PS3 version as much as they did.

Could be that the skyrim devs are not treating Sony fanboys like dirt and the DLC was developed for the 360 alone(not payed to keep it off other platforms but Payed for its existence to begin with)

TheRealHeisenberg3291d ago

@ ChunkyLover53 and greenpowerz

You already know that most here on N4G would have you believe that only MS opens their checkbook for early or exclusive 3rd party content. I don't like it one way or the other, but I'm fortunate enough to own all of the current systems so I will most likely end up with the best version no matter what.

I prefer to game on PS3, but I don't worship Sony. Apparently that is frowned upon around here.

TheHater3291d ago

If that was the case, then why is the PC version of the game is as bad of a port as the PlayStation 3 version? As the PC community what Bethesda think of them.

greenpowerz3291d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Thats because you assume the PS3 version and PC version are in the same boat of neglect or what you call disrespect. What makes you think they were planning to release the PC version anytime close to console versions?

The PC and PS3 versions were damage control comfort rumors made up with fictional 30 day release window.

We know the story. The game will suck and it will be accused of being overhyped until they get what they want, secretly loving once they have it and possibly praising it again.

In here blaming the devs for how the PS3 version turned out and has been treated. Blame PS3 hardware not the devs.

Not all developers are going to adopt focusing(lead) on the most least overall, capable hardware downgrading the game to make fanboys happy(some will do the best work they can regardless of blowback and different quality of versions)

TheHater3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Where did I mention that the PC and PS3 version of the "DLC" would be release at the same time? Where did I mention that their game suck? Can you quote me on that?

"In here blaming the devs for how the PS3 version turned out and has been treated. Blame PS3 hardware not the devs."

If that was the case, then why is the PC version of Skyrim, pretty much all of Bethesda games, run like shit on the PC? Why is the UI like shit? Why do PC gamers have to release mods just to improve the framerate, UI, and graphic for the PC version of Bethesda Games?

You attack me because you think I am a "PS3 fanboy" when all I was doing was pointing out that PC gamers are getting the same, if not more, disrespect as PS3 gamers.

joab7773291d ago

Yeah. I read earlier about the ps3's architecture, and while aspects are superior, they so often r used to compensate for other deficiencies. Some of these can't b overcome like the memory structure. It is sad because it could have been a dominant machine that was easier to build for and produced the best version of every multi game. Oh well, what could have been. Anyway, I love the ps3 but I will buy every Bethesda RPG for my Xbox.

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chukamachine3291d ago

skyrim, decent but overhyped.

3291d ago
alexcosborn3291d ago

Seriously... Where is Dawnguard for the PS3?!

WeskerChildReborned3291d ago

I'm wondering the same thing. It's also bad that they are also treating their PC players like this too.

joab7773291d ago

While I agree. If they simply pump it out too fast, everyone will b screaming that it's buggy and doesn't work. And how will all the people who have problems be able to add a large expansion to their experience. Most likely Xbox is to blame, but they may be trying to do it right Lol.

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