Dead or Alive 5 DLC part of the problem for female gamers

How do female gamers get respect when Dead or Alive 5 has bunny costumes for its female fighters?

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jc485733281d ago

yea, what about the guys?

Yi-Long3281d ago

... then life has lost all meaning to me!

spartan112g3281d ago

Don't even want to think of something so horrible.

CC-Tron3281d ago

Seriously. It's obvious the DOA series isn't aimed at female gamers and there is nothing wrong with that.

wishingW3L3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I know more females that are interested in this game than men. In real life I know 1 and on Gamespot forums I know 4 of them. I'm always posting news about the game and making sarcastic comments about it being the best ever (because of the bikini and stuff) but those girls really doesn't care. In fact, they find it more attractive for some reason. lol

DBrunner3281d ago

I love this game! I just don't like the injustice.

Lucretia3281d ago

and yet my fiance loves doa. she has a ton of kasumi statues, posters of DOA and even has both beach vollet ball games.

XD. she likes her women sexy, she just doesnt like women hahah

Vortex3D3281d ago

That's still very clothed if you never played DOA Extreme 2.

Bathyj3281d ago

God, why is this suddenly such a big issue? Guys are the main market for these games and they generally like hot chicks so I wont apologise for that.

If you dont like it, dont buy it. Its your choice. Feel free to exercise it.

Do I complain the latest Taylor Swift song about crushing on some boy isnt aimed at me? No, I simply get my entertainment else where.

I'm more offended with the, now normal practice of withholding content from the game so it cant be sold separately later (or the same day.)

DBrunner3281d ago

It's an issue because it still needs to change. I don't want things withheld but make it fair.

NBT913281d ago

Did we go back in time? This wasn't a problem In Xtreme 2 or any other fighter and it's still no problem now....

DBrunner3276d ago

Actually I was appalled with Xtreme 2 (not to mention disappointed because the game sucked).

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