Pre-order records for EA: Crysis 3 pre-orders 3x Crysis 2, Dead Space 3 pre-orders 5x Dead Space 2

DSOGaming writes: "Following its Q1 2013 Fiscal Reports, EA has also announced some nice figures for two of its highly anticipated games."

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insomnium23284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Once every publisher realizes that casual people brings in the money they will all make games more casual.

If only we could get the same atmosphere in future DSs as the first one had. It seems that ship has sailed big time. Now it's all about co-op and being social. So dissapointing....

And YES I do consider all this every-game-needs-team-up-buddy -social-gaming-with-mics-on a CASUAL thing and it is absolutely BuLLs*it in my honest opinion. I couldn't care less what other people think about this. Go chat it up on facebook or some other casual BS site if you don't like it.

I know I am in the minority but why the hell do we have to be able to get connected with our friends with every single site/TV/console/phone we ever buy? Am I really just being old fashioned here or what? I'm 30 and I feel like 60 years old FFS.

DARK WITNESS3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

I know what you mean. I don't mind it so much if it does not affect the core gamplay or what makes the game great in the first place. But so far the two just don't seem to go together.

it's a shame but that is what gaming has become. and when you read stuff like this... seems all hope is lost.

Fishy Fingers3284d ago

So anything more than single player is "casual" now too. We're going to run out of things to beat our chests over and declare ourselves "hardcore" at this rate.

PiccoloGR3284d ago

EA believes that the pre-orders of Dead Space 3 were due to the co-op mode that was introduced? Oh boy...

ipe3284d ago

its just frontloaded. HIghly doubt preorders in summer of 2010 were anthing special for ds2 and crysis 2 respectively

TheMutator3284d ago

ohhh Dead Space 3 what they done you? Whaaaaaaaat?

Fishy Fingers3284d ago

I guess a lot of people were happier with Cryteks direction on Crysis 2 than I was.

shammgod3284d ago

I found it to be boring

Sashamaz3284d ago

I liked it, much better than the 1st though I have a few issues with it here and there I thinks its the overall better game.

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