I’ve Never Been A Fan Of Fighting Games But I Must Have Injustice

Jalen Bell of iGo Gaming says: I’ve played many fighting games with my friends but I’ve never in my life took the initiative to go out and buy a fighting game. Why? Because I think more of them are flat out boring. Whether it be Street Fighter X Tekken or the newest Mortal Kombat, fighting games have never held my interest. Until now.

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KosmoCrisis3281d ago

That F-bomb was a bit unnecessary, and I see you're point. But no where did I get the impression that you've played Injustice and understand that this is Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon's take on a raw DC character infused fighter that still has roots from MK. It is gratuitous and overly violent, despite that being what you weren't into with Mortal Kombat vs DC; which was waaay less gratuitous than Injustice looks to be, sans fatalities.

Regardless of my above observation, the writing style is on point and quality compared to most of what I read through N4G. Nice work!

iXenon3281d ago

Positive feedback, that's what I like to hear! :D

From the previews and interviews I read, Injustice will be violent (it is a fighting game, of course) but it'll be over-the-top comic book action instead of the limb tearing we're used to in Mortal Kombat.

KosmoCrisis3281d ago

What's more impressive is the way they are leveraging level select almost as if it were as important as the character selection. No longer will it be simple fan service, picking your favorite DC character for personal reasons. You'll have to be strategic with both your character and the level selection process, and whenever you can't choose level you'll need to be defensive with your character selection. This is what I call "Wow Factor!"

WeskerChildReborned3281d ago

I'm looking forward to Injustice. It looks like it will be a great fighting game even though i'm not a real fan of fighting games.

iXenon3281d ago

So you know exactly where I'm coming from with this.

IWentBrokeForGaming3281d ago

Im a huge Mortal Kombat fan and Injustice looks freaking awesome to me (unlike the shameful vs. DC mashup).

I just hope Injustice gets better support than the barely any online support we've gotten for MK9 saddly... although it's still a great game!

stuntman_mike3281d ago

the thing that attracts me more to this than MK is the characters although i am a bit of a DC fanboy.

Neckbear3281d ago

I don't get why developers feel their fighting games need to be restricted to a 2D camera view and other genre tropes.

I mean, I'd rather see something more akin an action game than looking at the flash walk around slowly around the stage.

nobodyspecial3281d ago

Fighting games are a cursed genre.. You can't really change anything without causing the game to no longer fit into the traditional mold of 'What is a fighting game'.

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