Editorial - How Far Are Mods to be Taken?

What happens when you spend years developing a mod for a game to find out that you and your team have been ordered to shut down your existing projects and discontinue developing any new ones?

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Islandkiwi5907d ago

If you want to use someone elses intellectual property, you ask. Saying that people have a right to create mods because they love a game is ridiculous. Can I write a Final Fantasy book? Or film my own Disney movie?

If it is a good game, they can still approach Bungie with it...or change it enough that it no longer relates to Halo.

happygamer5907d ago

its just cool how people can make mods for game systems. i wish i could do some of that stuff.

UrbanJabroni5907d ago

It is worth noting that since Bungie discontinued this mod they have given all the developers jobs at the studio.

It seems less like a case of IP infringement and more like a case of Bungie working on/planning an RTS around Halo themselves...given their history with the excellent Myth games this wouldn't be much of a surprise.

DJ5907d ago

I was hoping they would do that (if i was a game developer, I'd probably be scouring the internet looking for great mod teams). It'd be cool if you could post up a link or type up the article. I'm glad that Bungie didn't just throw away people with so much potential.