5 Announcements We Have To Have From Gamescom

GR: "Europe's E3 is just a few weeks away, and honestly we cannot wait. The summer of 2012 will forever be known as the summer gaming died a little bit.... just a little. Holy crap have we been bored! There's been a drought of gaming news and energy since everyone cleared out of Los Angeles back in June.

That means it's all up to Gamescom 2012 to bring the energy back for the Fall season. Here are five announcement we just HAVE to see out of Cologne to rekindle our relationship with video games."

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cervantes2403283d ago

PS1 Classics for Vita and a GTAV release date would be awesome.

dbjj120883283d ago

I think the biggest thing on this list is Next-Gen. We need to have something about the next consoles because this generation should have been dead and buried at least a year ago.

insertcoin3283d ago

Agreed. Anything remotely next-gen would be good, even another trailer for Star Wars 1313.

ChunkyLover533283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

The thing is, game developers and publishers sign contracts with console makers like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. In these contracts, they are not allowed to show off any game that is going to be released on unannounced hardware. They cant even say that there is new hardware being made.

The only real way around it, is to do what Ubisoft did, play a demo on a super high end PC and then be pretty cagey about what consoles its coming to.

guitarded773283d ago

Don't get your hopes up, because they aren't going to announce PS4 or NeXBOX at GamesCom. Sony has a new PS3 SKU coming, and most likely a price drop to focus on, and MS will announce their next system in the US.

DeadlyFire3283d ago

Gamescom is okay place, but its not E3. That is the ONLY place for a new console reveal. People need to learn that.

Next gen games though we might see demoed in trailers with teasers, but listed as current gen.

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sniper-squeak3283d ago

I think it would be pretty cool if developers actually showcased/teased gameplay/concepts of next generation games BEFORE next-generation consoles are actually showcased.
I think this would get the public speculating on how consoles could preform as compared to showing everyone the console first and THEN the games.

GuyThatPlaysGames3283d ago

I like how they make it sound like they "have to have" 5 announcements.

showtimefolks3283d ago

i don't know what's with this next gen crap and stop calling wii-u next gen when its doing only what consoles have been doing for 6-7 years.

i rather wait till 2014 and i think its a safe bet we will not see sony or MS launch a new system in fall 2013. They most likely will show something and talk about it like nintendo did with wii-u than the following year do a blowout e3 press conference of everything and launch that same year

MS is more in need of a new console than sony/ps3, i still think ps3 has good 2-3 years left in it and i doubt sony is in any rush to make a new system when they are going through loosing a lot of money.

And you people will be the same one asking for a new system in 4-5 years, if that's what you want get into pc gaming don't expect either ms or sony to release a new system to please a very small percentage of gamers. I expect a price drop soon for both ps3/xbox360. The graphics difference between ps2 to ps3 was huge but don't expect the same tech jump again look for little better specs and call it a day

when current games in development are showing us we don't need a new system than why all the out cry?

2013 line up

aints row 4
gta 5
last of us
beyond 2 souls
gears of war
tomb raider
god of war
last guardian
FF versus
sly 4
devil may cry
rainbow six
metro last light
battlefield 4
crysis 3
ni nu kuni
respawn's new game
insomniac's new IP
GG new game or possibly KZ4(on ps4 maybe?)
sucker punch new game(possibly on ps4?)
star trek
anarchy reigns
dead island riptide
prey 2
brothers in arms

and that's not counting all the great games coming out this fall. All i will say is people who are waiting for a new console from ms and sony in fall 2013 will be very very disappointed

andibandit3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Im sorry but most of these games are sequels of some sort, that just do minor improvements. Basically it's the same game with a new story.

Graphics are FAR from the only measure of a console. the fact that consoles can only do 24 players on BF3, is like a dagger to the chest.
I've even seen hacked 128 player BF3 for PC.
Consoles = disturbance in the neighbourhood.
PC = A true Battlefield.

not hating on consoles, it's just kinda sad.

BelieveinGhosts3282d ago

That's what i have always said but i get a lot of thumbs down.

There is little chance an experienced company like Sony or Microsoft would release a new console in the same year that all these great games you listed are releasing. They know that most of us gamers cannot afford New next gen consoles in 2013, it take quite some time to save up enough money.

I dont know about you, but i can only afford a next gen console in 2013 if i dont buy any new games starting form september.

The best solution is to announce PS4/Xbox 720 in e3 2013, then i have a whole year to save up for 'BOTH' PS4 and Xbox 720.

If anything, it suggests that 2013 will be the swan song of the current gen console because in 2014 there will be only handful of current gen games releasing.

DivineAssault 3282d ago

I HIGHLY doubt sony will announce the PS4.. I dont think they will show what theyre up to to anyone until the competition already has their consoles in production.. If they show it too early like Nintendo did, whatever features it has can be copied by the rest.. Look at what MS did with smartglass.. U think they wouldve invested into that technology if nintendo didnt show off what they were working on 2 yrs ago? Plus im sure all the great games released in 2013 will be compatible with nx gen.. If not, then i will wait until i finish everything ive missed out on so far before i buy a new machine..

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Bathyj3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

I'd just be happy with The Last Guardian is out at Christmas.

That, and a Tenchu reboot.

BanditGamer3283d ago

Christmas 2014 . . .maybe

srcBFMVBMTH3283d ago

Hell yea to Tenchu man!!!!

Kyosuke_Sanada3283d ago

My soul for a new Tenchu on consoles and PC. Tenchu Senran never gave the series justice at all plus there is no stealth game like it yet.

All it needs is intelligent A.I, Noriyuki Asakura back at the helm of the soundtrack, unarmed takedowns like in Shadow Assassins and maybe....just maybe cel shading that has red Kanji appear when you draw your sword, a killing blow or a stealth kill.

Tenchu 2 was the closest I felt we got to a perfect installment then it's mechanics got thrown out of the window in Wrath Of Heaven which wasn't bad combat wise but needed some work under the hood.

Bathyj3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

I dont know why Tenchu Z has such a bad rap. Its my favourite in the series and my favourite X360 game. The only reason I even keep it really.

It had the best controls and the best camera of the series. It returned to the open levels that you could tackle from any angle you liked, that I loved from the original. The PS2/Xbox games were just linear paths.

I'd just love a few special moves to unlock with enough stealth kills like (I think) the third game had, and a Timesplitter 2 style level editor. They dont want to make new levels, I'll just make my own.

That, and it should get the AAA spit and polish this series has always deserved and never received.

Kyosuke_Sanada3282d ago

(Sorry I responded so late, moving to my new apartment.)

I do agree with your above pros for the game and the ability to stealth kill bosses was sure nice. I think my anger was due to the laggy multiplayer after I finished the campaign solo but then again Tenchu was always a better single player experience. Another pet peeve was the grabs which made the game a little to easy because enemies cant escape at all.

Tenchu II has a level editor if you are interested and the A.I I still think was the most superior in the series especially when facing the other ninja but Senran still had the best controls bar none. The Stealth kill unlocks were a great addition in the third but editing techniques was fun in the Senran version as well.

Maybe I was too hasty in getting angry at the game because as you say nobody gave it the attention to detail that it deserved and you've caused me head back to Gamestop to give it a chance again XD.

Still trying to find the one on PSP or Wii to give my judgement on that as well but it's hard to find in Kearney........

Bathyj3282d ago

If I can save but one, would be Ninja from straying away from the path of shadows, I've done my duty.

SAE3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

dark cloud / mirror edge / nba and fifa street / skate 4 / gt6

these games would make me literally jump and scream like a little girl , lol.....

Dms20123283d ago

Tenchu occupied much of my time in 98.

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MysticStrummer3283d ago

"Everyone was waiting for the reveal of the next-generation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Everyone was disappointed."

Maybe everyone who wasn't paying attention during the time leading up to E3. If you want to play journalist, that's cool, but try and pay attention. I didn't expect new hardware and I wasn't disappointed.

This is a crap list. The only thing from this I care about is GTA5. I don't need next gen yet, so stop acting like "everyone" does.

chrisarsenalsavart3283d ago

i don,t think i am ready for next gen. sony still has quiet few great games for us
beyond2souls, lastofus, godofwar, the last guardian, versus13.....etc
xbox360 also got few more games like gears4, fable....
they can launch a nextgen console next year if they want but i wont be upgrading right away.

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