Top 10 Live Action Gaming Videos of the Year (So Far)

From the featured top 10 list:

"Live action videos–those that use real actors, costumes and sets–occupy an odd space in video game marketing. They potentially titillate viewers by capturing the spirit of a game, even if the video isn’t rendered from in-game engines or even indicative of actual game play. Live action videos also, however, can turn people off since they’re arguably far removed from any final product a gamer will actually play. Not to mention that many have all the quality of a Syfy channel reject."

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UltimaEnder3284d ago

Haven't seen all these, watching now! Hope more studios do the live-action trailer route, very cool!

iamnsuperman3284d ago

I like them more than the CGI trailers however I want my trailers to show me, well, what I am going to buy

LaurenKB1233284d ago

I think you can have both, but I agree - we should never get rid of gameplay trailers all-together...

SeekDev3283d ago

I'd rather a CGI trailer than a live-action trailer, as I think live-action trailers tell us nothing about the game itself. How can you compare real life to a video game? A CGI trailer has potential to tell us the stylized details of the game, but I think they're mainly used because the game wouldn't be finished at the time of announcement, it would be ridiculous to expect them to have working gameplay free of bugs and glitches and graphical hiccups.