Are AAA Hardcore Games Doomed?

IGN- As AAA hardcore gaming readies itself for a great leap into the next-generation, genuine concerns are being raised by games fans and by industry insiders that a nasty fall awaits.

The costs involved in making profitable, top-notch video games has created a very small niche of companies prepared or able to carry the enormous risks involved. Studios are being closed or radically downsized on a regular basis. Retail console games are operating in an ever-decreasing circle of genres and franchises.

This long console generation is slowly coming to a halt. But with free-to-play in the water, as well as mobile, PC games, and an ever-expanding choice of digital entertainment offerings, the next generation looks to be incredibly risky -- most especially for those who’ll be paying up to $100 million per game release to get on board.

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Zeixama3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

There are not any video games truly AAA, recently. They are pseudo AAA titles with shining graphics and super lame hypes. They are not FUN .

KwietStorm_BLM3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Kinectimals is not a AAA game.

lol "super lame hypes"

SpecialK3282d ago

@ KwietStorm

Not just me that thought "super lame hypes" was funny then =p

ChickeyCantor3282d ago

There is no such thing as pseudo AAA titles.

AAA = multimillion $/€ budget.

yabhero3282d ago

I'm pretty sure Uncharted, Batman and Assassins Creed and Mass Effect are AAA and I'm pretty sure those are widely considered fun.

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NastyLeftHook03283d ago

is the human brain which concieves these games to be pleasurable and therefore exciting in there boring lives going out of style? no. people love good. people hate bad. people look for good, people avoid bad. hardcore games good, not bad. good be good for the people who need good.

GribbleGrunger3283d ago

Lots of films are made by independent studios. They don't make nearly as much money as the blockbusters, but that's not the reason they're made. The reason they're made is because some film makers love their industry

same here

Whitefeather3283d ago

If they do then gaming shall become boring to me and that will be the day I quit.

jessupj3282d ago


But I think I'd just fall into a deep depression if gaming ever died.

mayberry3283d ago

I want Killzone 4... so I hope not!

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The story is too old to be commented.